•   hedleypurton It look likes its been air brushed , real nice affect int it ;) 2y
  •   hedleypurton @kwt_1 ... And i took the pic this morning in the local park while with my girlfriend an my daughter :) 2y
  •   kwt_1 @hedleypurton nice 2y
  •   dovedaddy5 Purston park! I go there with skye ;-) 2y
  •   hedleypurton @dovedaddy5 ... Haha no way! ... We always take Ava to feed the ducks as she loves it lol 2y
  •   dovedaddy5 Ha she loves that park and she takes her scooter! Nice little park ;-) 2y
  •   hedleypurton @dovedaddy5 ... Haha same ere pal ... Ava loves it as theres a duck with a deformed beak and she calls it poorly duck so we go to feed him and then she runs riot in the park haha :) ... And yea its a cool little setup for kids! 2y
  •   siouxsie81 Beautiful edit! So soft 2y

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