marutaro G'night 2y
  •   ay616 @kengo_allnight My Shiba is amazing with my 2 girls, aged 4 and 2. She's a mama to them, very tolerant of all their antics, never snippy or growls. It's in how you raise them; we started dominance training the day she came home and it has done wonders. 2y
  •   elist82 LOL 2y
  •   dick_bungalow  2y
  •   luiethecat_73 Soooo cute 2y
  •   sarah.adkisson Ur dawg is so cute 2y
  •   tatumrenee12 @misskittenxxsarahkat I know right XD 2y
  •   saharart So cute 2y
  •   maribu_pics Psssstttt..... 2y

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