0hmynarryheart Niall imagine: Your at the mall with Danielle, Eleanor, and Perrie, your 3 best friends. You pass by stores with one direction in the window "is that not weird for you guys?" you ask. Danielle laughed "well, no. The only thing unusual is the fans running up to us for pictures" she joked. You shrug and walk into a store. You wander around then someone grabs your shoulder, you turn and standing there is Eleanor "oh hey, you almost gave me a heart attack" you joke, holding your hand on your heart. She smiles "ok, I got a little something for ya" she says, pulling out a dress "what's this for?" you ask "uh, girls night out" she stutters. You shrug and try it on. You come out "how do I look?" you ask "he- I mean, that's adorable" Perrie says "gorgeous!" eleanor says "perfect" Danielle mumbled. I smile and twirl "how much?" you ask. You look at the price tag "holy! That's too much, I'll put it back" you say walking into the changing room. You come out with it on the hook "sloane, I'll buy it for you" Danielle said "no, that's way to much" you say "I am buying it for you!" danielle protested. After she bought it, and you left. You go home and get dressed and ready. There's a knock on the door. You wander over and open the door, Niall stands there "oh hi Niall!" you say "hey" he says "I can't talk right now, I'm going out" you say "I know, with me" he said "wait what? But.." he cuts you off "yeah, they tricked you. Erm... I wanted to go on a date" he says "do you want to?" he asked "yes!" you say and you both go on your date at a lovely restaurant. You spend your night having a conversation about his tour and your friends. You guys date from now, on! ||KE END|| 4y

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