nerevolution Matt Reis speaking with Brian Dunseth prior to tonight's game on #MLSonNBC 3y
  •   nick.barry27 Soccer is my favorite sport 3y
  •   parkie46 Matt 3y
  •   ash6402 @lom33 I remember a certain someone having a crush on Brian Dunseth :) with good reason 3y
  •   lom33 @ash6402 crush is mild! How many times did we wait for him and all the others after games?! 3y
  •   mlsmajorleaguesoccer 1 - 0. SAER SENE WITH A GO AHEAD STRIKE 3y
  •   beames43 Wow... The revs choke again. It's crazy how it seems that these players care so little about NE. You see no pride nor passion in this club. You see fans come to EVERY SINGLE GAME yet so many pathetic performances. It's up to jay heaps and the 11 he puts on the field now. They say you can bring a horse to water but can't make him drink it. The revs accept their paycheck, smirk at their loyal fans and piss in the water. Don't get me wrong, lee nguyen, Matt reis and shalrie Joseph play their asses off every game, that is a minority of the team. How can you let up two in the 2nd half to a kick and chase team like Philly? Senes goal was a whole lot of luck. I am a huge fan of the revs. No matter how bad they get, I will still go to their matches and buy paraphernalia, but I'm disappointed. I'm not asking you win every game, but please, Revs, play like you are trying to make New England proud. 3y
  •   chelseaterryhazard Did u hear shalriejoseph left they are so stupid I was at a loss for words when I saw that 3y

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