ofa_pa With just 100 days until the election, it's all hands on deck in Pennsylvania. 2y
  •   caferue52 @17bbomb you're right. A well seasoned attorney and civil right activist is scared of having his clock cleaned by some dude ranting on instagram. enjoy you're ego stroking 2y
  •   ayanaprice Very classy @caferue52 :-) 2y
  •   ayanaprice Obama 2012!!! 2y
  •   caferue52 Thanks @ayanaprice 2y
  •   caferue52 @17bbomb the US has a democratic form of government consisting of an executive, legislative and judicial branch although it is heavily debatable whether we have reached a plutocracy. Go read a book and stroke your own ego. I'm done paying you any more attention 2y
  •   caferue52 @17bbomb I guess you went to school where they teach that we are still under control of the queen? 2y
  •   caferue52 @17bbomb I'm actually waiting for you to bless me with your knowledge of American government. Please tell me sir, what government do we have so I am no longer misinformed? 2y
  •   caferue52 @17bbomb you're a complete idiot. Highly intellectual but an indoor nonetheless. Not responding anymore so don't waste your time 2y

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