healthtruth What I'm doing right now: savoring every bite of this organic vegan fruit-filled oatmeal (best one yet plus sugar and oil free!) while asking everyone I possibly can for the next 6 weeks to help us reach our goal of raising enough money to get us to the doTERRA essential oil convention & training!! You may help us out by ordering these healing essential oils and supplements from us at DoterraHealthTruth.Com ! #vegan #organic #nongmo #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #eatclean #mangos #oatmeal #breakfast #medicinal #alternativemedicine #holistichealth #fundraising #wellness 2y
  •   blackxnumber1 I will look at your site later today. I can't do too much, but I'd love to help out. Can you recommend anything for insomnia/sleep issues? 2y
  •   hihorosie I'll do what I can too when I can! :) 2y
  •   healthtruth @herblackwingsxvx Anything helps love!! "Insomnia can be a primary condition or it can be a symptom of some underlying condition. Anxiety, alcohol, caffeine, stress are common primary causes of insomnia. Secondary insomnia can come from physical or psychological factors such as depression, indigestion, restless leg syndrome, or a chronic pain condition. Essential oils are a blessing to those who suffer from not being able to sleep. The sedative and relaxing properties of so many oils provide a wide range of choices. Lavender is very highly recommended. Clary sage, frankincense, marjoram, wild orange, rosemary, ylang ylang, or blends like Balance and Serenity will also have very good relaxing or sedative properties! " 2y
  •   healthtruth @hihorosie Thank you so so much Heidi we appreciate it more than you know! 2y
  •   thecmtm hi @healthtruth!! i love your instagram, blog + online shop! happy we have crossed paths! i've been looking to get into some natural skincare for my face! i have sensitive skin prone to break out. I get clogged pores easily from my active/sweaty lifestyle. I'm holistic in all aspects of my life except my skincare bc ive always been scared of breaking out. I've been using a "clarifying cleanser" and "oil free moisturizer" ...but I've been using a B5 gel in the summer instead. What would you recommend from your doterra that would work for me? (btw I'm 28, fair skin, and live in a harsh winter climate) thank you!!!!!!!! 2y
  •   healthtruth @thecmtm Thanks for that! I love your feed as well! I'd love to chat about holistic skincare do you have a FB? If so message me! 2y

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