sowakono good evening dear friends. we, Japanese have small country. moreover most of it is deep forest. so we live in small city, small town, and small house. but we all aren't timid. why not? 'cause we have vast nature, I think. 4y
  •   sowakono @amyozie thanks for your compliment, Amy. I live in Kyoto, Japan. it has so many Buddhism temples. and it's very beautiful city. do you know? 3y
  •   amyozie @sowakono No, i've never been to Japan. But i learned bout tokyo, osaka from friends. Just looking at your pictures, yes it indeed a very beautiful city. Is this your house?.. I love japanese food the most! Heehee.. :) 3y
  •   sowakono @amyozie not my house but near by. surely our food is yummy. thanks again Amy! 3y
  •   amyozie Owh i see... This scenery is beautiful like when im watching in the tv. And not forget, your daughters are pretty.. :) 3y

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