getlooche Love my mom!! Follow her: @germainehouweling 2y
  •   anidharling Mom?? She looks amazing and youthful. Could pass off as your younger sister any day this pic is too cute for instagram. 2y
  •   ana_yul You look alike:):) 2y
  •   idastemsrud Your mom is so gorgeous!:):: 2y
  •   kylarosa You look just like your mom! 2y
  •   prncsslyssa U have her eyes n smile 2y
  •   theveryexistance Wow!!! Your mom looks stellar 2y
  •   sadiegraham2 this picture is just adorable your mama and you @nhouweling (: I can tell your mom loves you!(: 2y
  •   laurazamarra È bellissima!! 1y

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