instabraid These are all so pretty 2y
  •   daiziscool It's like a regular braid but u use 4 strands. U just go over under 2y
  •   i_love_jake74 Ok but could u explain again coz isn't tht a 4 strand braid 2y
  •   zayneyyy How do u do the second one?? It is amazing <3 2y
  •   maryyy__b super cute!!! how do u do the 4th 1? 2y
  •   bohowest wow 2y
  •   daniellefox17 To do a regular 5 stran braid and make sure it is damp and has a little bit of get on it...@zayneyyy 2y
  •   daniellefox17 It's called a round braid you use 4 strans. Make them look like a square and then braid the 4stran braid and pancake it 2y

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