ggsix . devil juice tasting, yum . #tool #maynard #toolband #prisonsex #hookerwithapenis 3y
  •   mizchavez @ggsix awesome 3y
  •   ggsix @mizchavez whatever i said to u made no sense + i have no idea what i meant to say. guess i drank a lot. i asked matt if he was ok to walk when i meant drive... 3y
  •   mizchavez @ggsix I have no idea what you are talking about. Ha! 3y
  •   ggsix @mizchavez cuz i deleted my 1st comment probly before you saw it. fun! 3y
  •   mizchavez @ggsix yep. Luv your face. Come visit. Damnit! 3y
  •   mizchavez @ggsix I feel like you broke up with Instagram. :( 3y
  •   ggsix @mizchavez yeah i suppose i've been keeping on the dl lately 3y
  •   mizchavez @ggsix come back. I miss u!!! 3y

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