vjecxoxo Oohhh the things we do... Lol.. #boredom 2y
  •   vjecxoxo @itsmycharm hi jotta.. Haha anu kumusta na? Hehe.. gawa mo 2y
  •   itsmycharm Jotta Ito ayus lang.. Dito sa bahay nagmumuni muni.. Hehe ikaw? 2y
  •   vjecxoxo @itsmycharm haha.. Ako din.. Tingin tingin lang sa malayo, langhap ng fresh air lols.. 2y
  •   itsmycharm Hahaha! (: tss pareho tayong walang magawa.. nasa work ka? 2y
  •   vjecxoxo @itsmycharm oo gurl nsa work ata ako nun lols.. Ngyon ko lng nbsa comment mo hahaha. 2y
  •   ibedeejay Creepin sorry lol 12mon
  •   vjecxoxo @ibedeejay lol.. i see, goin thru all my photos huh?! Lol ;) 12mon
  •   ibedeejay Caught, red handed. I wondered what your full name was and now I know. My life has been completed. 12mon

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