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  •   rainbowofbullshit @elounor_means_flawless the thing you call bullshit is more real than your whole sinking ship. 17h
  •   elounor_means_flawless Haha Sure cause it's not like your ship Only exists of Things like standing next To each other at the Time , so Tell me who's Sinking ;) @rainbowofbullshit 17h
  •   rainbowofbullshit @elounor_means_flawless your ship is. It's just a forced painful and unhealthy relationship based on what management says. Our ship is cute as fuck. Two loving guys! 17h
  •   elounor_means_flawless @rainbowofbullshit You're Talking Shit and nothing Else . Everything What's forced Here is the relationship you LS are Trying To Force on Louis and Harry . Maybe Your Ship is cute but that isn't a Proof it's just a Statement 17h
  •   rainbowofbullshit @elounor_means_flawless we had enough proofs to turn 90% of this fandom into larries. Elounor is forced and louis looks miserable with her. We didn't force harry to say his first real crush was louis, we didn't force them to kiss, we didn't force them to get matching tattoos, we don't force them to fall in love. Sorry 17h
  •   elounor_means_flawless Just Shut Up and Stop Talking Shit srsly . First of all he doesn't Look miserable With her there are enough Pics Where he's looking Happy . Those " matching tattoos aren't Even matching . if that would be a Proof Than Harry and Eleanor could be in a relationship too Because of their real matching tattoos ;) If Larry Kissing is a Proof why is Elounor Kissing not One? @rainbowofbullshit 17h
  •   rainbowofbullshit @elounor_means_flawless I don't wanna shut up :) and yeah the tattoos are matching 'it is what is it' and the butterfly, oops and hi, the dagger and the rose, the ship and the compass, the birds and the opened cage, the Heart and the arrow, the " " and the quote etc. Eleanor can't be in a relationship with Harry cuz it makes no sense at all. And Elounor kiss was just a scene kiss while Larry kisses were true love kisses. Kids like you don't even know wtf love is. 17h
  •   elounor_means_flawless It's not like we're at the Same Age But ok. Wow You're Talking so much Shit . After Your theorie With the matching tattoos Eleanor and Harry could be in a relationship . And if Harry and Louis would both have the Same , really the Same tattoo i would Maybe believe Your Theorie But not if the tattoos aren't Even the Same . @rainbowofbullshit 17h

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