wired Are you ready for Olympic gold? We’ll be the judge of that! ------------------------------------------------ The 2012 Summer Games officially kick off today and to celebrate, we’re launching another hashtag challenge. ------------------------------------------------ You have until August 12th to show us your photos showcasing your athletic prowess, your childhood skills, even your penchant for wacky lost Olympic sports like trampolining, tandem biking or tug-of-war. Upload your best photos using the hashtag #WIREDOLY. ------------------------------------------------ We’ll pick our favorites and share them with you next week. Good luck! And be sure to follow our extensive 2012 Olympics coverage live from London on Playbook. 3y
  •   iscary Already submitted! 3y
  •   hahamaha19 Awesome 3y
  •   ibemike25 That dude in the background looks like Justin Timberland lol. 3y
  •   redgirlsays Is that @itsmissy?? 3y
  •   itsmissy @redgirlsays it's me! 3y
  •   giodorin @itsmissy woooot! 3y
  •   2blkberrieskush My iPod was stolen. But I had wired engraved on the back. I miss that thing. I love the iPhone4s but there's not enough GB on it cause I thought well the iPod has so much on there that this would be good enough at 16GB.. Point is your magazine is my fav for a long long time now. Past the linkin park story long time ago. I wish I worked there with all y'all 3y

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