hipstaroll For our first Archive Dive lets dip our Hipsta-toes into a charmer of a combo! John S… he sharpens, he intensely saturates, he injects drama and vibrancy into every shot he takes. Some folks don't dig the darkened blotchy vignette that John lays down in brighter light, but this is less of an issue when paired with a vignette-less film. Claunch 72 Monochrome… He is warm and even keeled with his clean medium contrast, the gateway drug of black-and-white shooting for those who find themselves "not really into BW films". This duo is nothing short of dynamic. Prepare for a week of rich images!

This weeks combo was shot by Official Hipstaroll Correspondent, "The King of Claunch", Jason Mynatt {@jas132}

Please tag this week's Combo:: #HipstaRoll_Week11 #JohnS #Claunch72Monochrome #Hipstamatic & if you use a flash, tag that too.

• NO additional filters, crops or edits.
• Tag up to 3 photos per combo.
• For faster reply, direct questions to one of the admin: @punkrawkpurl or @lucky_chucky

Hipstaroll is NOT a challenge. It is an ongoing project to encourage trying new Hipstamatic combinations. Through this, we hope to learn a little more about Hipstamatic, our own process, and even about one another's.
  •   afdani1984 I am a huge John S fan, right down to the moldy vignette. Paired with Claunch72...its like someone peeped my Hipsta favs. Haha. This is one of my regularly used combos 3y
  •   apptronica Please consider tagging your shots with #hipstacode_JS72 - thanks :) 3y
  •   stephaniesue_ru This combo is AWESOME! 3y
  •   daniellercampbell I'm new, can I just join right in? 3y
  •   punkrawkpurl @daniellercampbell yes!!! please do join in. read through the guidelines in the first comment up there and let me know if you have any questions. a new combo will be posted on Friday. 3y
  •   daniellercampbell @punkrawkpurl tag old or only new? Thanks! So excited to find this place. I recently purchased hipstamatic and I am so addicted!! 3y
  •   punkrawkpurl @daniellercampbell we'd prefer to see new stuff in gallery. and we are excited that you found us!!! looking forward to your work. 3y
  •   daniellercampbell @punkrawkpurl perfect! Just wanted to clarify! Thank you. 3y

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