itz_kutta My Great Uncle... #TuskegeeAirman 2y
  •   _kwileyy Your great uncle?? My grandfather! :) i guess that makes us cousins? :) 2y
  •   itz_kutta @_kmbrl yea Logan Wiley Sr is my grandfather. 2y
  •   _kwileyy I think I only met him once when he was over on Seattle. I don't think I've met any other peopke on that side other than Aunt Clemmie?? 2y
  •   itz_kutta Yea I went home spent time with her recently. He passed a few years back right before I joined the navy. 2y
  •   _kwileyy Too bad I didn't get to get to know him more. My grandma always spoke highly of him. I want to head back east and meet the rest of the fam some day. 2y
  •   itz_kutta Its usually a good time. 2y

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