eleanorj92 When visiting Grandma.. 2y
  •   daniela.schuster i think i've seen this shop...... 3w
  •   elounor.is.real I love you Eleanor stay strong and be happy don't forget that and don't forget to smile you're beautiful and amazing and cute and stunning girl in the world remember that and I love you with all my heart 3w
  •   kamilah_alicia If you were a true DIRECTIONER u would give them space okay! They would tell you if LARRY WAS 'REAL' OR FAKE!!! Okay so calm the fuck down your not a true DIRECTIONER if you SEND HATES TO THEY'RE GIRLFRIENDS.... a true DIRECTIONER wouldn't send hates to them or family members, or girlfriends leave them be they r human beings just like US gosh you need help if you don't understand, and when your following Eleanor on insta and you believe in LARRY LIKE BITCH no calm Tf down!!! Leave them be if they're happy then you should too!!!!! 2w
  •   caitlinjanex Been there2w
  •   nevergiveupforever Beautiful 1w

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