daydreamlily Earlier today. Crazy crazy rain and hail!!!! 3y
  •   beingpeta Wow I am 20mins away and had blue skies! You could see the black clouds in the distance though. 3y
  •   pobke Whooooa!! 3y
  •   daydreamlily @evacarterphoto I had gumboots and managed to get a poncho thing too. Ahh it was so crazy. Hopefully there won't be anymore 3y
  •   birkleighandme Looks like Woodstock 69' minus a million more ppl, lol!! 3y
  •   bebeandprince Awesome. 3y
  •   becwinnel Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3y
  •   meetjessicamarree Ahaha that's a couple of my friends running in the rain there. Crazy! 3y
  •   krizii @jassebassen jeg så dette og tenkte på deg (egentlig tenkte jeg på meg, eller -at jeg hadde tenkt på meg hvis jeg var deg). official merch <3 3y

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