waywardspark Naan (My kitchen is such a wreck right now) 3y
  •   woodshedcoffee Your naan -- gets me every time. Will try it within the next week! 3y
  •   waywardspark @woodshedcoffee No pressure, but you really should give it a go. @woodshedcoffee 3y
  •   ruralrevival I have just commandeered by husband's 'pancake pan'! Love naan. 3y
  •   woodshedcoffee Alright alright!!! :) Was it here or in your blog comments we were talking about subbing in some whole wheat? How much do you sub? 3y
  •   waywardspark @woodshedcoffee I do the sponge with straight white flour and then add a couple cups of whole wheat before kneading. It's probably 1/4 to 1/3 of the total flour. 3y
  •   woodshedcoffee Thanks! 3y

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