longroadtochina We are in for one heck of a storm...... 2y
  •   longroadtochina For a few minutes there I thought we were going to have to take cover in the basement. The winds were wicked. 2y
  •   nancyvnjourney If you see any houses flying overhead... duck. 2y
  •   tattooedrunnr Wow, those are some storm clouds! 2y
  •   isabellegirard And... what happened? They're scary :( 2y
  •   lifenreflection Stunning capture of nature's best mood 2y
  •   underthesycamore Ditto @lifenreflection stunning capture 2y
  •   onelessbroken Hope you are ok and didn't get any damage. 2y
  •   longroadtochina We are all good. No damage just lots of wind and pouring rain. I wish I had thought to grab my big camera to get some of the big bolts of lightening we saw 2y

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