indiejane I get to spend my week delving into product photography! Really excited to shoot all these amazing pieces. :) 2y
  •   raquellalily I would love to see your final product. Or even the process of it. I find it really hard to make the photo look as beautiful as what I see. Especially with clothes and home goods and decor, etc. 2y
  •   indiejane @raquellalily I'll take some photos of the process, and I'm sure I'll share a link of the finished product once her online shop is up! I'm pumped to play around with it and see what I learn. :) 2y
  •   ginger_binge Can hardly wait to see them! 2y
  •   raquellalily Me too! Pumped for you, haha! Looking forward to it. Have fun! 2y
  •   taradillard_ Um where can I buy these clooooooothes 2y
  •   indiejane @taradillard I totally thought of you when I was looking through everything! She's working on getting her shop ready soon.. I'll send you a link when everything is ready. ;) It's going to be tough having all this in my living room for a week and then having to give it back.. Haha 2y

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