•   giumalex @vampire_shadow “in wine [there is the] truth" 3y
  •   pugarl Oh yes thank u for talking to me I'm kinda lonely drinking alone. Cheers!! 3y
  •   giumalex @vampire_shadow thank you for making me company! (sorry for my bad English! ;-)) 3y
  •   pugarl Haha no worry ^^* it's not that bad. 3y
  •   giumalex @vampire_shadow eh eh you still don't know me.. I can make some very incomprehensible speeches! ;-)) 3y
  •   pugarl Hahaha I'll try to understand then 3y
  •   clausantisima Salutte amico, although by now you'll probably be drunk "again" @mdagervb Que te mejores! Un fuerte abrazo desde la distancia 3y
  •   giumalex @clausantisima heiiii absolutely not!! 3y

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