•   yaymoza Do you want 9999999999 money in sims? 2y
  •   yaymoza Okay, first click (Shift), (CTRL), and letter (C) In The Keybord 2y
  •   yaymoza A Small Box Will Appear On Top, Type (testingcheatsenabled true) 2y
  •   yaymoza Then Press (Shift) (CTRL) (C) again 2y
  •   yaymoza And type (familyfunds (family name) 9999999999999) 2y
  •   yaymoza Write your family name in (family name) 2y
  •   yaymoza And there you have 99999999999 money 2y
  •   yaymoza It should be like this (familyfunds (family name) 99999999999) 2y

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