•   salfadala :( 2y
  •   3zizalnfs الله يجزاك خير 2y
  •   fafydejavu May الله protect all our muslim bros n sis n kids all over the world who are fighting for their lives - insyaallah amiin 2y
  •   rezkyseftian 2y
  •   beeni_12 May Allah stop Muslims being targeted by kafir 2y
  •   5036 may Allah/God stop people from killing other people period. and killing for religious beliefs is the worst... 2y
  •   al_mousawi_7 @ahmdkw May God save all the oppressed any where in the world they may be. At the end lf the day we're all human....and we're all part of ONE human family 2y
  •   blueviolete How about stop killing muslims in Bahrain ? They are killed bcuz they asked for their (human rights ). The oppressed are not just in Burma. Look close around you before looking far 2y

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