poeticaesthetic Hello all. I wanted to drop in and say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your concern and well wishes. My family and I are alive and well, and were very fortunate to have not been affected badly by the fire. My childhood home was lost, and many family friends lost everything. However, we are all safe, and that's what matters. The weeks following the fire have been very trying, though for different reasons. I am so lucky to have the support and love of friends and family, and most of all, by one incredible man that loves me, though I don't know that I deserve all that he does for me. I was truly touched to see how many of you offered your support and well wishes. Even though I couldn't possibly respond to each comment individually, I did read them all. I thank each of you for the kind words. I hope that soon I can return to this incredible community, to continue to share with you my outlook on this awe-inspiring world. Most of all, I hope that soon, my passion for photography will return to me with a renewed, and positive outlook. Much love to you all. XOXO, Kristen 2y
  •   eleni3 I'm very sorry for your loss dear... 2y
  •   why_wie Like pic... 2y
  •   itsvanessaaaxo Hope everything turns all right. Good wishes for u and ur family and friends 2y
  •   kas78 I've not been on for a long time Sorry to see what's happened Hun. Im glad your all well and wish you all the best and luck in the future x love n healing hugs to you and your family and everyone else who was affected by this xx 2y
  •   home_slice Glad your back and all alright. 2y
  •   defi_domestic Glad to hear your family and friends are all safe. Good luck. 2y
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  •   tonyfox1010 2y

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