•   minaelise did my email come through? @sean_sogone315 2y
  •   _lvnky_flvcko_ Noooo it actually didn't it,I would still love to work with you and check out all your incredible sketches..if you can resend it it would be awesome!!! 2y
  •   minaelise ah man I'll try resending it @sean_sogone315 2y
  •   _lvnky_flvcko_ @minaelise I actually still didn't get anything, sjsnyder24@yahoo.com try sending it that one.. 2y
  •   minaelise something must be up with me email. but I'm still completely interested! @sean_sogone315 2y
  •   _lvnky_flvcko_ Heyyyy buddy naw I think it's my email someone said tru couldn't send me something the other day so I'm goin to start a complete new I'll send you the address ASAP but I promise I absolutely want/need to get your art out there I think it would sell like crazy!!as soon as I make another address I'll come back here and leave you the address..hope all is well! 2y
  •   minaelise ah thank you so much! I'm pretty psyched @sean_sogone315 2y

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