meblogging I am invited to Amna Al-Salem label launch cuuuuuute 3y
  •   by_haj @meblogging t9dgen ele solfna 3anhom ams no answer/ no reply!! No delivery 7ta ma yanee shay 3y
  •   amoniii @by_haj @meblogging maybe one day you will both get an invitation for a fashion show,, wish me luck crossed fingers  3y
  •   by_haj @amoniii mwafqa 7beebty enshalla during fashion week :* 3y
  •   amoniii @by_haj  inshallaa 3y
  •   pltq8 @by_haj, calling @amnaalsalem out of the box is just the tip of the iceberg. The level of detail on each piece is just such that each piece is dazzles...from every angle. 3y
  •   by_haj @pltq8 noufa! ;) since u have a hand in it its surrrrrelly a must! What a fab collaboration xx @amoniii 3y
  •   pltq8 The hand I have for @amoniii, @by_haj, will be used to clap :) 3y
  •   by_haj @pltq8 ;) ur star on ur own @amoniii is an arty star 3y

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