•   lainebubu Thanks so much Andre!  @andredantas313y
  •   atomheartlycan Led zeppelin :)) 3y
  •   lainebubu Yeah its a stairway to heaven! haha!  @atomheartlycan 3y
  •   atomheartlycan There was an iPhone app we all know, who don't use that app. Our photos are amazing, and If you look at them very hard. The perspective come in to your mind. And all photos are one and one photo is all to take a new photo not to download google photo. Lol hahahhaah lyrics cover for instagram. Led zeppelin stairway to instagram (Sorry about bad English) 3y
  •   lainebubu ..and it makes me wonder... lol!! Good stuff! where are you from, Atom (your name?) u look like a rock star too!   @atomheartlycan 3y
  •   atomheartlycan I'm from turkey. My name is Alycan (A-tom heart -lycan = Alycan and Atom heart Lycan and Atom heart Alycan ) 3y
  •   atomheartlycan .. She does... (Robert says it in new York concert) 3y
  •   lainebubu Nice to meet u Alycan! Have a great week ahead! :D @atomheartlycan 3y

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