1aeroluv Watching the last 17 years if my life being packed into Boxes. About to move cross country. 2y
  •   kristankery You're moving??? 2y
  •   1aeroluv Leaving for Kentucky August 1st. Jason is stationed there. He's been there 2 months now. 2y
  •   kristankery Will you be working out there 2y
  •   kristankery Are you excited? 2y
  •   1aeroluv Not going to work unless financially I need to. Hoping to start a family ASAP. 2y
  •   kristankery That's beyond exciting!!! 2y
  •   jawbone72 Looks daunting! I'm sure you are so excited, and a bit nervous! Kentucky is beautiful, great food and lots of fun festivals! Best of all, your fella is there! Best of luck on your new journey- be sure to sip an Old Fashioned when you get there! 2y
  •   1aeroluv @jawbone72 thanks for the well wishes. I hate moving maybe because I always do it myself. This is the first time we've had someone else pack our stuff and move it. It will definitely be an adventure. 2y

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