ajmichalkaofficial My favorite :) 3y
  •   notjessharvey They have the best clothes ever 3y
  •   hjames8 Hey AJ, have tried leaving a comment but it doesn't save. If you like Scotch & Soda I've got to tell you something! Hope you're all good 3y
  •   ajmichalkaofficial @hjames8 Hey u! Doing great :) What's up? 3y
  •   hjames8 My fashion label Gold Lead starts selling next month. Would you like me to send you a few things? Send me an email to here if you are henry.james@gmx.com 3y
  •   ajmichalkaofficial Will do @hjames8 :) Thanks Henry! Xo 3y
  •   mberends_11 My cousins live in Amsterdam and they love that place! 3y
  •   hollywoodwannabe My one and only idol, I love you so much!! Seriously if I had a middle name I would so want it to be Joy!! 3y
  •   coolkatduh scotch and soda. yesss please. @amandajoy78 3y

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