kingease24 Follow me @MyNameIsEase #Twitter #ladies get your #morals & #priorities straight 2y
  •   muffalita Im just trying to have a nice #car 2y
  •   kingease24 Lol shit me too and I finally landed a well paying job @muffalita 2y
  •   muffalita @ease222 congratulations! Hope you get a nice whip your mom got luxury taste I'm sure you do too! Lol Did u see Avery's new car? 2y
  •   kingease24 Thank you and are you talking about his black Honda accord? I think that's what it is @muffalita 2y
  •   muffalita Thats my car actually lol. He drives a BMW now @ease222 2y
  •   kingease24 Lol oh.. I didn't know he drives a BMW. That's wassup. Ima hit him and tell him to stop by so I can see it. 2y
  •   muffalita Yeah it's nice I think I have a pic of it on here somewhere! Anyways good luck w the new job! @ease222 2y

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