cherrybomb101 @daveleary tagged all of his followers to show their #4ofblack favourite black and white pics, so here's my selection.. Hope you like them! #blackandwhite #monochrome #b_w #lightanddark 4y
  •   cherrybomb101 @timdog37214 I've only just seen your comment above or I'd have responded sooner.. Actually you give me too much credit. I lack self confidence, especially in groups of people I don't know. I do speak.. Usually with something I think is witty or silly to get a laugh, but my voice comes out like a tiny sound in those situations. It annoys me. Half the time someone loud will then repeat what I said and everyone will laugh! But when I know people, or in smaller groups, I am very loud. And sometimes (quite often) very inappropriate. And silly, very silly. I love to laugh and make others laugh 3y
  •   timages1 Thank you for sharing and disclosing a little more about you. I'm sure whether it be a large crowd or a much more intimate setting, you remain graceful and eloquent as I have come to know you here on Instagram. Now say something inappropriate. Lol 3y
  •   cherrybomb101 @timdog37214 .... Bollocks! IHahaha (is that inappropriate enough??) 3y
  •   timages1 Bollocks does not translate to American English. 3y
  •   cherrybomb101 Oh.. Sorry @timdog37214 .. How disappointing! 3y
  •   timages1 I think the popular translation would be the word: bullshit? 3y
  •   cherrybomb101 It wouldn't apply here Tim @timdog37214 because I wasn't saying your comment was bullshit, in UK English the word 'bollocks' can be used like that but also as a mere outburst without reason; a statement of inappropriateness in itself! 3y
  •   timages1 I am going to incorporate the word 'bullocks' into my limited American English vocabulary and inappropriately blurt it out at the most inappropriate times. Now that you and I have started dialogue, there is something that I have been meaning to ask you but wanted to wait until the appropriate time. Who is your favorite James Bond? 3y

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