•   markshowalter @lakebled Yes, I understand. And I'm so glad you still like me even after you know me better. But you should use your time better and go through your tall handsome man's gallery, Musin, and look at his pictures. Much better pictures there. 3y
  •   markshowalter You like him like a boyfriend??? @lakebled 3y
  •   markshowalter @lakebled Ok!!! I didn't know. I thought you were in your early thirties. Like 32 or something. And I though Musin was maybe 41. I didn't know. . So sorry. In America we are friends with everyone. Unless you are married! Than only friends with the same as you men with men and women with women. But so glad you and Musin are friends now. I'm VERY jealous. 3y
  •   markshowalter So why not Musin?? Are you married, or Musin married? If too many questions just tell me! 3y
  •   markshowalter @lakebled You are so funny Nie!! I don't think I'm very handsome . But are sweet for saying that . And I don't have KIK. Is it easy to get? 3y
  •   markshowalter @lakebled lol Okay, I'll go check. 3y
  •   grupjazz 3y

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