gunsnroses What an ending to a great tour. With our very own @tommystinson and @waxlrose 3y
  •   robmark2 Why do people always bring up the past? Move on folks, new lineup is awesome! Thanks for a great show in Dublin guys! 3y
  •   chrisstina16 @robmark2 people can't just accept it & move forward! New or old, @gunsnroses freakin ROCKS!!  3y
  •   nbjamisrider I love u guys my fav band of all time gr8 show 3y
  •   nbjamisrider Pleez follow me it would be the most exciting thing thats happened to me@gunsnroses 3y
  •   hirokaichi 素敵やんψ(`∇´)ψ 3y
  •   shaunamcintyree i just wish axl, slash, steven, duff and izzy would preform together again:( 3y
  •   rafael_bernardo_ Guns n Roses /,,/ 3y
  •   giufurlans Come to Brazil São Paulo <333 2y

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