taylormadetattoo ... someone take these off my hands ... UK 10 US 11 ... Vintage line doesn't give you the extra wiggle room that the newer shoes give you ... I'm an 11.5 and these are definitely an 11 2y
  •   rob.holm I got the 16 hole otherwise i would 2y
  •   gonzo_rodriguez Already gave some gibsons. 2y
  •   dehoot Damn! I'm a 10. 2y
  •   taylormadetattoo @dehoot ... feel free to give 'em a spin ... might be big ... definitely small for me 2y
  •   dehoot I have "9"s and they fit perfect. 2y
  •   dehoot But thank you for the offer!!! 2y
  •   williamkurth @taylormadetattoo are these long gone and down the road? if not i have an XL baracuta harrington in dark tan if yer looking for a swap also I love seeing pics of you and yer fam! real man stuff when fathers can show of pics of the ones they love! 2y
  •   taylormadetattoo @williamkurth ... yeah man , those are long gone ... and thanks , I'm definitely proud of my boy 2y

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