ladikaat69 Portrait of an Eating Disorder 3y
  •   ladikaat69 My Eating Disorder.. 3y
  •   ladikaat69 Not a lifestyle choice..I wouldn't wish this life on even my worst of enemies. 3y
  •   jessabelly I agree . Very brave to post that , are you in recovery yet? @ladikaat69 3y
  •   jessabelly Will give you my hotmail if you ever want to chat xx @ladikaat69 3y
  •   ladikaat69 @jessabelly Thank you for the support, Recovering in my own way, out of therapy now. I'm trying to manage this illness on my own since the help of others isn't working. It's one day at a time for me, some small victories but still battling 3y
  •   jessabelly Well stay strong !! I have found some really good doctors so I feel lucky . My heart is a bit weak but hopefully the potassium will help . I did not realize this fucked up disease had such a grip on me !! It's evil . I know how you feel . Here if you ever need to chat . And small victories are better then none , stay strong @ladikaat69 3y
  •   ladikaat69 @jessabelly thanks Hun ya this illness ravishes your body, my kidneys are horrid 3y

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