srt_shawn I'm always down to try new things (; 2y
  •   srt_shawn Lol no!!! Well kinda... I got hungry at work having to straighten up the Oreo section... so then when I clocked out I bought some and some milk to go home and tear up (; haha @originality_is_bliss 2y
  •   originality_is_bliss Bahaha you didn't save me any!?!? 2y
  •   srt_shawn This was 5 weeks ago!!! :/ I'm so sorry. Lol what do you want from me?! Lol I'll make you a deal I'll give you all the oreos you want but you gotta cook for me :) 2y
  •   originality_is_bliss Lol I need to work on my cookin skills a lil more ;D 2y
  •   srt_shawn Lol don't worry EVERY women does not just you. But practice makes perfect @originality_is_bliss lol you keep commenting on this pic is makin me wasn't to go buy some more haha I just might. 2y
  •   craigdudas Omg 2y
  •   fer_ever Need to try 2y

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