maggiemagz bf secretly put it on my iphone before i woke up 2y
  •   shaun_cheung This cat come from a game 2y
  •   shaun_cheung I'm not toxic anymore sor lol 2y
  •   maggiemagz @shaun_cheung well comes from a game doesnt mean toxic lor ok -,- and congrats wo lol 2y
  •   shaun_cheung Well gum dim sin hai toxic collect cartoon from game dou ng suen ge wa haha no offense 2y
  •   maggiemagz @shaun_cheung this cat is just so fckin cute lor ok it doesnt hav anything to do with toxic or not -,- 你睇返你以前咪知咩係毒囉 haha 2y
  •   shaun_cheung Lol ok u win but this cute thing is from a toxic game no doubt haha 2y
  •   maggiemagz @shaun_cheung 咁都可以講一餐-,- 2y
  •   shaun_cheung Idk I hv nothing to do today its Sunday 2y

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