peteriscool788 Candlelight dinner by myself #teamburnett 4y
  •   pinknagase Follow me back? I love this restaurant! 4y
  •   murrburr It was good....we had a lot of food. What did you order? 4y
  •   dannykwong Good stuff 4y
  •   peteriscool788 @murrburr well I saved up 3 paychecks to eat there. Lol the serving size was right on. I thought the food was ok. I got pho, garlic noodles, some rib thing, duck spring roll. The duck spring roll was best. 4y
  •   murrburr Too much to name everything, but the garlic noodles were disappointing. Ahi tar tar was yummy, and the shaken beef was reallllllly good! I didn't like my miso salmon, and crab was eh. We should just screen shot this convo and post it on our yelp was nice seeing you in the flesh! We exist in real life, lol! 4y
  •   thaooooonguyen Wtheckkkk? U were at Xanh yesterday?! 4y
  •   murrburr @thaooooonguyen the same night and time we were! 4y
  •   hannahshakes Can i have a shoutout? 4y

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