dcw805 A unique rock that I found at the beach today. And of course, I brought it home. 2y
  •   lunarocks Ooh. I would've done the same. 2y
  •   carolhartseattle What a fabulous find! 2y
  •   lunarocks I totally see a face in this. 2y
  •   theapet3 Not painted? So interesting 2y
  •   dcw805 @lunarocks: I thought so, too! But then again I wasn't sure if it was just me being a crazy rock lady (kin to the crazy cat lady) just making it up, lol! I feel better now. 2y
  •   dcw805 Thanks, Carol! It'll go great in my cactus flowerbed. @carolhartseattle 2y
  •   dcw805 @theapet3: Painted only by Mother Nature. 2y
  •   fiffee My kids made me leave a rock with holes in behind today, seeing this I wish I had it to paint ( mine was pale stone colour) 2y

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