•   will_i_am_84 @doktorsour Sure is! Found it in work in a bundle of scrap paper. She was lying up winking at me.ha 3y
  •   chucky80 Dude. You lucky SOn of a gun. How do you just find something like this???? I'm so jealous dude 3y
  •   will_i_am_84 @chucky80 it was in the middle of a bundle of paper, seen the sexy wee glint off the black vinyl.ha couldn't believe it. It's in good shape, covers not bad considering it was lying outside. It was about 5 minutes off being put into a pulp tank. Happy days. Going to see the stone roses next month, can't wait. 3y
  •   andrewmoffett86 Unreal 3y
  •   mosesmmms  3y
  •   vintagesound Dope! 3y
  •   stephorse Just take my cash already 3y

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