isaac976 Today AM bike ride with the boys at 5am, must be the Tour De France fever saw four big 60 peloton riders this morning. 3y
  •   kaz_52 You know where to find me Zac, just come when you feel like ok? And just leave the gathering with the "pals" to me I will get them in for ya 3y
  •   isaac976 Nah.. I rather bring u across the street for coffee.. will see ok @kaz_52 . It wont be easy to meet up with me cause I am shy 3y
  •   kaz_52 All guys say that, man if you're shy, i guess we won't ever meet even comes Xmas 3y
  •   isaac976 U come twitter we talk.. Haha @kaz_52 3y
  •   kaz_52 I am getting bugged bout twitter literally by the whole world 3y
  •   isaac976 @kaz_52 I wont bug ya on twitter dont worry 3y
  •   kaz_52 Hahah no nothing like that I just meant that everyone literally from all across the ocean has been asking me to get on twitter, I just haven't gotten around to time. IG was making me bz 3y
  •   gaijinda_gf same in Tokyo bro 3y

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