kristinelise The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. 2y
  •   kakak_manda Nice 2y
  •   cbromwich Do you head over to thredbo much? @kristinelise 2y
  •   kristinelise @cbromwich Haven't yet. Living at Guthega so it's easier to board here. But I like Thredbo so I'd like to make to trip there at least once before the seasons over. Are you there? 2y
  •   cbromwich Oh nice, living there must be awesome!! Just got home from falls creek and will be back down at thredbo in a couple of weeks. Let's hope we get some more of this awesome weather or some more snow. What's Guthega like for skiing? Never been there @kristinelise 2y
  •   kristinelise @cbromwich aww I want to go to Falls!! I love it there! Guthega is great!! The skiing has been awesome. I haven't been out for a few days because of work but everyone has been saying the snow is wonderful. I'll get a chance to get out there tomorrow, can't wait!! Definitely hoping for a good dump of snow! We have lost a fair bit think week. But it's predicted for Wednesday. If you ever make it over here let me know! 2y
  •   cbromwich Yeah my mate has a place at falls so that made it even better :D. The snow has been good this season, only it got a bit crusty and hard to ride off piste coz of the cold nights. Hopefully a fresh dump softens up that top layer!! Anyways if I make a day trip over to Guthega from thredbo I'll be sure to let you know :) @kristinelise 2y
  •   wandajbarreto So true, that's faith. Love the depth of this pic. 2y

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