•   shyanneel Omg isn't it the best dere?!?! I love high extremes. Did ya go on it? At first I was scared cause it's so tall 2y
  •   princessjady @shyanne_lee its my favorite place for summer :DD nahh I didn't since I was with my younger cousin & sis I wish I did! 2y
  •   shyanneel @princessjady omg it was too good to miss though. But yeah the line was SO LONG. Did ya try to get pass the floating pads thingy? I fell on the LAST ONE! 2y
  •   princessjady @_shyannelee_ I went on that year ^_^ its fun! You're so good 2y
  •   shyanneel Yeah it is fun huh? But I'm actually not good, cuz the first time I tried it I only made it half way cause the rope was too short. 2y
  •   princessjady @_shyannelee_ its so hard!! 2y

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