toasterbottom Mabel to the vet, part 6 of 7. 4y
  •   toasterbottom @itstheglitter In a photo awhile back, Paulie mistook a homeless guy sleeping in the park for her victim. The photo was called "Oblivious" because she was walking past him like he wasn't there. To some people (@paulieowen) it may have looked like she had just killed him. That is, if you had a crazy imagination. :) 4y
  •   itstheglitter @toasterbottom I certaily do not have a crazy imagination. However, i don't want to go all "CSI" here, but was it actually proven that she was not involved in any foul play? Hmmm...I find i like her even more now that i know she's rumored to have killed a man!!  4y
  •   toasterbottom @itstheglitter It is not the accused's responsibility to prove their innocence. On the contrary, the weight of proof of guilt lies upon the state. That's all I'm gonna say and my client has no comment. 4y

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