bigdonskillz Decided to go bald. Rockin dat MJ! 2y
  •   bigdonskillz Malcolm X had hair though... -.- 2y
  •   drawn08 Yea man those military barbers will do you dirty... Bowl cuts and ruined fades 2y
  •   mynameischarles Hell yeah 2y
  •   bigdonskillz You aint lyin man...just absolutely ridiculous. 2 days later im not even sure if I got my head cut 2y
  •   tootallshepp Keep a fresh bald head like I just left chemo 2y
  •   bigdonskillz You already know I Ball... CHEMO....LAME 2y
  •   bigdonskillz FBC FlyBaldClub 2y
  •   sullamby Ewwwwwwww mr.bald! :P 2y

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