chewbaccasf Anyone down to go to Alcatraz with me? Still never been 2y
  •   seanc0 They do have a firm "no wookies" policy tho. 2y
  •   misterelguapo Tell me when, my brother. 2y
  •   jtag Me neither. I'm 2y
  •   jtag In. 2y
  •   labergo I would have had the chance to meet you in SF! So funny! 2y
  •   addisonnimrod I worked out there for a year. Do a night tour (it's wayyy better than the day tour), and take chewy! The staff will LOVE it!! 2y
  •   mcsfca @instamatt_sf415 follow chewie. Hella funny 2y
  •   instanimz @mandyansari this is my boy!! 2y

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