bobsuicide Nothing says "welcome home" like finding this in your mailbox. 2y
  •   rophh Oh my god!!! 2y
  •   1stlinecenter Looks like these are the droids you're looking for. 2y
  •   cuzinzbz How big is it? 2y
  •   khoalitytime I want one. 2y
  •   t_zero Heh, I just got mine last week. Had been on back order for awhile. 2y
  •   leozunino Wow amazing 2y
  •   lazyrob_art I was just there on a intervju (lego) i felt like Charlie but luckier <3 2y
  •   corywannick Help me Obie Wan...your my only hope!! Hate when a CD skips like that lol 2w

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