mrstizo There are some sick people out there man.. But we can help prevent this with awareness. #igaddicts #picoftheday #Spreadtheword #puppies #dogs #pets #cats #animals 2y
  •   steven_reichel I swear to God if I had those people in front of me I'd grab my gun and shoot them hundreds of times to make them suffer 2y
  •   i_seriously_just Poor lil animals  2y
  •   1.11y Aww poor dogs and cats 2y
  •   gigi_loves52 Thank you for the tip. I'll pass it along! 2y
  •   ipaintmiami Thank you for the info. Im a fair believer in Karma and shes a fair lady. RIP innocent animals 2y
  •   tatiana.muriel Some people are so messed up 2y
  •   abstractaura What a douche 2y
  •   mrsupersteel @mrstizo Since you posted this has there been any updates on the Group that was abusing the pets 2y

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