ochocinco 2010 Chad 2y
  •   king_james_35 Awesome 2y
  •   kingjungle357 Chump change that's all 2y
  •   briannnnnnaaaaaa You might wanna sell that stuff since you're out of a job and all 2y
  •   bj2kd He not on the field but still makin money...that's what's up...(smh) haters going to hate..suckaz!! 2y
  •   mr_17k Thts wassup Keep Pushin' Chad 2y
  •   max_keenann Your going to run out of money buying all that disghner stuff 2y
  •   foreigntresses I'll take the black watch 2y
  •   _aai_39 @ochocinco we want 2010 Chad! !! 1y

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