danielaruah @ericcolsen talking about his feelings on the last day of Episode 1! 4y
  •   kajen09 OMG!! Can't wait!! This is like my favorite show!! 4y
  •   ncisfan16 @danielaruah is this in the beginning or end of the episode 4y
  •   kajen09 There was not a thing like tht... If there was by any chance then I didn't catch it.... 4y
  •   ashbahr i bet ur a good advice giver and an amazing listener i wish i could share my feelings with u i know u would make me feel much better inside and maybe one day i could meet u in person and get ur autograph and hug u and tell u that u are a big such a big inspiration to me ;) i love u daniela ruah more that u will ever imagine in ur whole entire life ;) i love u and am hoping u and i can meet in person together one of these days years or present @danielaruah 2y

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